Just like a lot of kids, Sadako is a big fan of unboxing videos on YouTube.

She borrows my phone, which has mobile data, and watches all these unboxing vids. Or whenever I need to use my phone, she asks me to turn on my mobile hotspot so she could use her iPad to watch them.

Sometimes, whenever my connection is slow (which is almost all of the time) or when my “data usage today has been really high” and they reduce my “browsing speed to maintain quality service for all” other users, Sadako gets really frustrated so she begs me to bring her to Domo or J.Co or Jamba Juice or Krispy Kreme where connection is amazing, so she can watch unboxing videos non-stop.

Sadako is so into unboxing videos that she even copies them.

Sadako’s idol is Disney Collector. She idolizes her so much that whenever she does her own unboxing, she already sounds like Disney Collector, from the words she uses to the intonation and accent.

It’s become some sort of an obsession, to be honest.

I mean just like any other kid, she asks for a toy whenever we’re in the mall and we pass by Toys ‘R Us or Toy Kingdom, but I’ve noticed that there are times when she doesn’t like anything in particular and just settles for anything just so she could unbox them at home – or any nearby restaurant, even if we just ate.

Her current favourites are these surprise eggs and blind bags. They’re pretty expensive – from P100 to P200 per egg/pack, and the contents are, well, just okay (but that’s just me the adult/cheap dad talking). But it’s really priceless every time I come home and she jumps for joy whenever she sees the egg/pack, so yeah, I guess it’s all worth it.

Unboxing has become some sort of an obsession for Sadako, to be honest.

She likes to “unbox” everything.

As in everything.

Whenever the food from McDo or Jollibee is delivered, she whips out her iPad and records herself tearing the paper bags, which has resulted to a lot of impatient, hungry people AND spilled, wasted food sometimes.

Whenever I have anything in a paper bag or a plastic bag, she gets it from me so she can record herself “unboxing” it.

It’s come to the point where whenever we get home from the supermarket, she “unboxes” all the drinks and canned goods. So now we have all these cans and we don’t know what’s inside them, plus these bottled drinks the flavor of which we are not sure of.

Thanks to unboxing, I’ve been forced to cash out and buy all these big and small toys (and ask for the cashier to have them giftwrapped, too, coz Sadako also loves unwrapping). My cupboard life has also been a mess. 

So yeah, damn you, Disney Collector.