As if I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Sanya Lopez, the new Danaya of this year’s Encantadia, last April 13, I got to see her again the day after when we attended the #ReefPerfectSummer event of the global active lifestyle brand in Uptown Mall, BGC, together with StarStruck finalist Avery Paraiso.

Sanya, Avery, and I loved the summer vibe of the event, from the beach mats and throw pillows to the beer-and-chips kiosk, plus the beach beats that made me miss Boracay a lot. Sanya hasn’t been there so I told her that if her schedule permits – I’m sure her calendar’s gonna get crazy once she starts taping for Encantadia this May – she should join my team and I when we go to the tourist destination this year.

Going back to the event, on display were the different items from the brand’s latest collection, including Reef Rovers TX and Reef Rovers XT, which are perfect for trekking and hiking.

I got to see more cool stuff from the collection, from apparel to footwear, when these hunky guys walked around wearing them.

Reef also showed a documentary on Filipino surfers in La Union, and the winning videos of the #ReefPerfectSummer Instagram contest. Seeing all those beach clips sure got me excited to return to Boracay ASAP.

After the Reef event, we dashed off to Makati to support the amazing David Guison, who is one of the three guys tasked to come up with a concept store for AXE Black. The blogger’s store was inspired by his many trips in and out of the country, and by travelling itself, and it looked really good. I can’t wait to see it rolled out for everyone to check!

The AXE Black event was so much fun. Apart from Louise delos Reyes and the bloggers we at GMA Artist Center get to regularly work with, I saw my ABS-CBN friends and colleagues (Gretchen Fullido, Joseph Marco, Jay-R, Billy Crawford), and industry friends and hotties (Raymond Gutierrez, Adrianne Concepcion, Cat Trivino, the BNO guys, JM Rodriguez, LA Aguinaldo).

I also met some new people: Bubbles Paraiso, Arjo Atayde, and all these hot models (yup, that was fun).

Tim Yap was there, of course, and I love him for introducing Sanya to everyone. And I really mean everyone, okay?

The AXE Black event was so fun I didn’t want to leave but since I had work the next day (and I had a little too much to drink AND we didn’t have a proper dinner yet), we had to say bye and thanks to everyone, including the cool people of Bridges PR, who did a great job with the event.