I was really excited to attend the #LOrealProXBertramK event last night at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura Premier because I knew it was going to be a reunion with my favorite people from PR and publishing. Boy, was it a reunion! I saw Castro PR hotties Janlee and Mau, who did a great job with the event. I also saw a lot of OMG people, from those who are still with the company, such as Jebby and Angelo, and ex-OMG ones like Grace, who is now with StarStudio, and Kim, who now writes a beauty column for Manila Bulletin, and Bianch, who is now with a website. I also saw James Younghusband after forever and I missed him so much I think I gave him a hug tight enough for both him and Phil, plus Keri! He just had dinner with his lovely girlfriend Sari, who’s just so gorgeous I wanna get to know her more.

I was also excited to bring with me Sanya Lopez, one of our GMA Artist Center talents, because it was her first time to go out and attend an event after being announced as the new Danaya in this year’s Encantadia. She turned so many heads and a lot of people asked for a photo opp. So proud and so excited for her!

As for the L’Oreal event...

It was such an entertaining show!

There were all these models flaunting different hairstyles in various shades of Dia Richesse Hi-Visibility (terracotta brown, sienna brown, burgundy mahogany, mahogany ochre, and copper saffron), which is L’Oreal Professionnel’s low commitment tone-on-tone hair color and is endorsed by supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. I am so tempted to have my hair colored at the L’Oreal Professionnel Academie in Oritgas, but I still haven’t decided which shade to go for.

L’Oreal Professionnel’s International Portfolio Artist Bertram X was also flown in from Vienna. He’s a biggie in the industry, having styled big names such as Donna Karan and Jamie Lee Curtis, plus models like Kate Moss and Alek Wek for fashion shows, plus he’s been featured in various publications including I-D, Wallpaper, and Playboy.

Not a fan of freaky stuff and believing that hair should be seductive and invited to be caressed, Bertram X had us all entertained last night when he cut and styled the hair of different women onstage. No joke and not making sipsip but each one amazingly turned out to be a masterpiece, and to think he did each one so quickly. Galing, as in. He was also so cute with his jokes and stories. I’m pretty sure he’s such a fun guy to hang out with. Sayang I didn’t get to meet him na.

Meanwhile, I’m still contemplating which shade of Dia Richesse Hi-Visibility I should go for.

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