The handsome, talented, and charming Derrick Monasterio has appeared on the cover of Garage magazine a couple of times before, in February 2013 together with Benjamin Alves and Alden Richards, and then in June 2015 together with Albie Casino and Kit Thompson.

Now he’s on the cover of the same magazine again – but with no one else this time, just him. After being part of Cosmo Centerfolds last year and being chosen as one of the guys to be with Kelsey Merritt on the cover of Preview recently, bagging the lead role in the new series Hanggang Makita Kang Muli opposite Bea Binene, and releasing his first ever solo album, I think Derrick is more than ready to have his solo cover for Garage.

We had a hard time looking for a shoot date for Derrick, considering how extra busy he is these past weeks, but we all agreed we couldn’t miss this opportunity. And so we eventually found one: a hot Saturday afternoon.

The shoot took place in Doc Marlon Pecjo’s mansion, where he’s shot a lot of celebrities. I’ve had shoots there back when I was still part of S magazine. One time we shot a bunch of then-newcomers, including Prince Stefan, Rocco Nacino, and Enzo Pineda from StarStruck. It was their baptism of fire because after we did the shots we needed, Doc Marlon felt a little excited and adventurous (which is usual) and asked for them to take their top off and then just roll around the ground while he took pictures.

The results were amazing.

Going back to Derrick, I knew we’d get amazing results, as well. After all, apart from Doc Marlon, we also had hairtylist/makeup artist Eddiemar (who did me for a Garage feature in the past), plus stylists Eds, Jerico, and Yzza as part of the team.

The sun was scorching hot that afternoon so while it was okay for Derrick since he had to be shot wearing just shorts most of the time, it was pretty challenging for us. Honestly, though, it seemed like most of us forgot about the heat because – let’s admit it – having a topless Derrick Monasterio in front of you can make you forget about things.

I’m super proud of Derrick. He was all out and didn’t hold back, as you can see in the photos. He came prepared, as well; just look at that body. And while he has improved on his posing skills and mastered his angles, he was also open to suggestions and took directions well. To think he had a strained back muscle.

It’s pretty easy to get impressed just by looking at the photos – Derrick after all looks hot duh – but I really have to commend Derrick because he didn’t just rely on his good looks and hot bod during the shoot, he worked it. We were all cheering during the shoot because he was so amazing at posing. Feel na feel and give na give! It’s kind of hard to explain so just watch out for my behind-the-scenes videos on Instagram to see what I mean.

We finished the shoot in just a couple of hours – prepping up and interview included. And as you can see in my photos here (shot using a Fujifilm X-A2), Derrick did a pretty amazing job, right? But I sure can’t wait to see Doc Marlon’s photos in the April – May 2016 issue of the magazine.

As usual, the shoot was fun, thanks to Rey and the whole Garage team. Trivia: Did you know that apart from writing for the mag (I did several of their cover stories, including those for Enchong Dee and Gerald Anderson), I also wrote a column for them? And I was invited to be part of the team, too, back when it was just being formed. Imagine if I joined them, noh?

Don’t forget to buy a copy of the latest issue of Garage magazine with the super hot Derrick Monasterio on the cover, okay?

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