Congrats to our very own Alden Richards, who is the latest addition to the Neozep family!

I know you’ve seen his TVC for the medicine brand for some weeks now but the press launch was held just last March 16, 2016 at Mario’s in Tomas Morato. It started at about 10am. He arrived together with his sister Riza and Lola Linda, who are both part of the commercial, as well. Alden had a quick chat with Tito Isah Red, the entertainment editor of Manila Standard, before meeting everyone.

The Q&A took place the moment Alden went onstage. I guess we all wanted to accommodate everyone since Alden had to leave a little after 11am so he could make it to Broadway Centrum in time for that day’s episode of Eat Bulaga!

It was sweet and short, but very busog.

I really like what Alden said about this Neozep campaign; he said it’s the one na pinaka may puso since it deals with the family and it even involves his family (plus other members of his work team).

“These are the important people in my life,” he said. “I value the moments I have with them so I don’t want these moments to be restricted just because of a simple cold. I don’t want to have to distance myself from them out of concern that I might pass it on to them. ayoko namang mahawaan ko pa sila.”

That’s sweet, noh?

That’s Alden as a lot of us know him. Extremely talented and hardworking but also concerned and compassionate, not wanting people around him to get sick or suffer, especially if it’s coz of him.

I think this endorsement deal is very timely since a lot of people have been expressing their concern about how overworked Alden is, and how he’s been getting sick, naturally, recently.

All I can say is that a lot of us know how it is to want something so bad that once we have it, we make sure we take care of it because we know we worked hard for it because we really want it. We value it and we allot a lot of time and effort, and we give our 100% to it. We also know, of course, how to take care of ourselves because if we do not, we know that all that we worked hard for could suffer.

That’s just me ha. Not sure if Alden feels the same, but possible, di ba?

Anyway, on to the juicy part!

The press, of course, had to ask about Maine, and it was really sweet when Alden shared that he’s been enjoying getting to know Maine on and off screen.

Nakakakilig also when the press asked Riza and Lola Linda kung boto sila kay Maine! Both of them said yes, with Riza expressing how she’s happy when/where her brother is happy. Awww.

A little after 11am, after the Q&A and a lot of selfies with the press (and the waiters!), Alden had to dash off to EB. Riza and Lola Linda had to stay behind for lunch. Without Alden. Which was perfectly fine, I guess, since he was on his way to be with someone both of them approve of naman. :)