This app is a great one for both girls and boys, and I love that it sparks creativity.

It all starts with one tap of a button and then you have this weird, cool creature. You can change how it looks by tapping its different body parts (head, snout, ears, body, tail, legs, wings) and once you have the perfect creature, you can start with the photo missions.

The challenge is for you to take photos of your creature in four different scenarios. For example, the Fly mission asks you: Where can it fly with these great wings? That means you need to go outside (preferably) and take a photo of your creature flying somewhere. You can drag your creature to position it anywhere, and you can pinch it to adjust its size.

Of course, you can opt to not follow the rules/challenges! Sadako likes putting the creatures on my face, or making them big and then asking me to take a photo of her feeding or riding or kissing or eating her creature.

It's pretty fun, actually.