Alden Richards is a Habitat for Humanity ambassador and he visited one of the group’s communities in Payatas, Quezon City last January 29, 2016. The Pambansang Bae aka one half of the popular love team AlDub went there to read a book entitled Ang Ginintuang Martilyo, and naturally, some lucky fans got really close to him.

The luckiest would have to be these two women who lived right beside where Alden parked his car. He needed to take a leak so we went to their house coz it’s the nearest one. When he stepped out of the comfort room, of course the two women had to have a selfie with Alden. The funny thing is that right after he stepped out of their house, the two instantly had an argument. “Ang ganda ng kuha ko sa’yo,” said one of the ladies. “Pero ang pangit ng kuha mo sa’kin! Blurred pa! pa'no ko ‘to ipo-post?”

Anyway, here are some other people who got close to Alden that day.

1. The little girl who thought Alden was her daddy

2. The ateh gurl who made silip and saw something long

3. This binata who couldn’t believe his eyes, as if he saw a cup of Coke Float in the middle of the desert

4. Ateh gurl who was a little too close to Alden

5. This kid who couldn’t care less about all these kids doing the pabebe wave in front of the cam

6. The little boy who couldn’t do the pabebe wave like the other kids. BECAUSE.

7. Someone from Habitat for Humanity who was focused on the story... teller

8 – 10. These three kids who did not know how to look at the camera

11. This hungry boy who amazingly did not acknowledge the presence of the Chicken McDo and apple pie in front of him