You read that right. Let your little one — girls, to be specific — wear a grown-up’s top. Yours, for example. She’ll rock it, for sure.

Just look at Sadako, who’s wearing my light brown Uniqlo roundneck tee here. I wear just black, white, and navy, so I don’t really remember why I bought it. And so I gave it to my daughter.

She doesn’t need to wear a pair of shorts or pants since it’s pretty long. She just needs to fold the sleeves so it looks better as a whole.

You can pair it with any type of shoes. Look at Sadako rocking the shirt and (British Knight) sneakers combo.

I also like styling her hair into a high bun whenever she wears a grown-up’s top, such as this cute green Smurfs tee, which used to be her mom’s, back when she was still a dalaga. It just looks bagay, noh?

Do your kids wear your stuff?