Welcome to my first-ever post under a special series called Kiddie Kit! Inspired by Divasoria's Glossy series, this is a junior version where you’ll see the hygiene products and other items that parents buy for their kids.

Of course, this first post is all about Sadako.

Sadako is pretty low maintenance when it comes to hygiene products. She has no special needs so she doesn’t need to use specialty products, which are usually expensive. Thank God!


Sadako uses Human Nature’s Kids Natural Shampoo and Body wash for Girls, the Ocean Apple variant. It costs a little more than some shampoo brands but I don’t mind coz it has no harmful chemicals and we trust the brand. In fact, I plan to switch to other Human Nature products for Sadako in the very near future.


She hasn’t been using lotion lately, which is bad, I know. Coz moisturizing is super important and you can never start too young, right? so yes, I’m looking for a really good lotion for her.


Sadako uses Kodomo or Fluocaril toothpaste because that is what I buy her. But whenever we’re at the supermarket and we ask her to choose a toothpaste, she gets those from Hapee or Colgate because they usually have characters like Mickey Mouse or Barbie on the box.


I’ve always been afraid of dengue so I make sure we have Human Nature’s Bug Shield Mosquito Repellant, which is all-natural and DEET-free. We also have a steady supply of wipes. Recently we’ve been using Giggles Baby Wipes. I like using the unscented type and the one that comes in plastic lid/cover (96 wipes) so that the wipes inside remain "fresh" and moist.