There is no doubt about it: Alden Richards is one of the most in demand and busiest male celebrities in the Philippines right now.

I know this for sure. Our Marketing team in GMA Artist Center is at their busiest, with all the endorsement deals they’ve been closing for Alden.

My PR and Events team has also been extra busy these past few months, thanks to the Pambansang Bae. Alden has been appearing on the cover of several magazines recently and the latest one is Garage magazine, which has four different covers of the bedimpled one.

The shoot was challenging to finalize and it even got postponed a couple of times, thanks to Alden’s packed calendar. For magazine shoots and endorsement shoots, we usually give his afternoons or even evenings after Eat Bulaga! but he has been so in demand we’ve started giving his mornings. Early mornings, to be exact, because he needs to be in Broadway Centrum for the noontime show ideally before 12 noon.

For the Garage shoot, we didn’t have a lot of time with Alden and it even got cut down because he arrived late. Just to clarify ha: apart from traffic, there was a work emergency he needed to attend to. The good thing is that Alden is a professional so when he got to the venue, he was apologetic and he went straight to business. I also love how everyone we worked with for that shoot was fast, efficient, and a joy to work with, from the Garage team to our usual glam team.

One thing I like about Alden is despite being extremely busy and sleep-deprived, he doesn’t show it. He is always professional and fun to work with. You enjoy working with him, sometimes forgetting the fact that he is probably the busiest male celeb in the country right now; he doesn’t have a day off.

Another thing I like about him is how he has beautiful feet. You have to agree.

You like the clothes?

Everyone says Alden looks good in neutrals and pastels, but I just realized that Alden looks extra cute when he’s wearing blue. Agree?

Don’t forget to grab a copy of the December 2015 – January 2016 issue of Garage magazine, okay? Pwedeng one, pwede ding all three covers ;) The fourth one is a digital cover.

I know that a lot of AlDub fans are having a hard time getting a copy of the magazine. The good news is that they are reprinting! Yay!

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