I have to admit I was hesitant to try Snapchat when it was starting to become popular. I just didn’t get it. Why would you post something that would disappear after 24 hours? You show your better angle and then snap the perfect photo or video and then apply a filter and adorn it with some emojis, upload it for your followers to see, and then it disappears??? I just didn’t get it.

I eventually gave in to temptation and peer pressure (my officemates were very convincing) and downloaded the app together with Periscope, a similar app. I didn’t get Periscope even after giving it a chance; I eventually deleted it. But as for Snapchat, it’s safe to say I fell in love with it before long. I now understand the appeal of the snaps disappearing after 24 hours – understand lang ha, coz I still don’t like it.

I like looking at the random snaps of the people I follow but I also like how you can prettify your videos with filters and emojis and doodles. The lenses are very entertaining, too.

Sadako feels the same way. She likes to snatch my phone when I’m using it so she could have her photo taken. She likes drawing a dress on top of her clothes, lengthening her hair, and then adding a crown, a pair of sunglasses, and a piglet nose on her face. She does this at least once every single day.

She became so addicted I had to download the app to her iPad just so she’d stop snatching my phone every time.

Sadako also loves the lenses. I like updating her whenever there’s a new lens so she could try it ASAP. It’s like our little bonding session. There’s one lens that she does not like, however: that scary demon-like one that became popular last Halloween. She runs away from my phone or the iPad when she sees that little demon icon.

Recently, she’s even started to take some snaps using my account. I guess she’s been seeing me snapping and got intrigued so she wanted to try it herself.

One thing is for sure: the mobile data is turned off every time Sadako uses Snapchat. I don’t want my daughter broadcasting stuff like me in my undies at home or gross stuff like that.

You can follow me on Snapchat (@marksablan). Promise, no topless snaps.