The Filipino sister act 4th Impact is proving to be a hit in the talent search The X Factor. Composed of sisters Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina, they have been raking in nothing but positive comments from the viewers and the mentors, especially the hard-to-please Simon Cowell, and are the only girl group left in the competition.

In true girl group fashion, they are capable of solid harmonies (see what I did there?) and slick dance routines, plus they’ve changed their name several times (the Gollayan Family, the Cercado Sisters, M.I.C.A., 4th Power) before agreeing on what they’re using now.

To celebrate the success of these Pinay pocket rockets, here are 11 other local girl groups that had us singing along to their hits, dancing their iconic moves, and harmonizing with our friends.

1. FOJ/Vanna Vanna
No doubt the best and most legit girl group the Philippines has ever produced, FOJ (First of June) was created by Viva back in the late ‘90s and was responsible for the perfect harmonies found in their hit songs FOJ is Here to Rock U, I Need Your Love, So Much in Love, and Hurting Inside. Composed of Benj, Alana, and Teri, the girls changed their name to Vanna Vanna when management decided for them to try the Asian market. Other hits followed such as He Loves Me, Don’t Be Shy, and that Ivory jingle Feeling Ko. When Benj left to focus on her personal life and was replaced by some other girl, it didn’t take long before the group disbanded. Alana became a part of Chad Borja’s band while Teri formed a band called U Turn together with Richard Poon.

2. Vibe
Supposedly Vanna Vanna version 2, Vibe was composed of three girls led by Arnee Hidalgo (the two others were Biv de Vera and Girlie Capulso). They had a couple of good songs in their one and only album (their carrier single Hooked on U, and the tearjerker Ipagdarasal Ko) so it’s pretty sad that they were not heavily promoted and that the group was short-lived. Arnee moved on to become a solo singer, coming out with Beyonce-fied versions of Francis M’s Cold Summer Nights and Spandau Ballet’s True.

3. Novia
This group was supposedly composed of dancers who could sing so not much was expected of them. In all fairness, they had good material: Mga Babae was like a Tagalog song Salt 'n Pepa and the Spice Girls would do, Dahan Dahan Lang (and its intro inspired by Janet Jackson's Runaway) was that girl power song that made use of ethnic music instruments for that local flavor, and Something Always Brings Me Back To You was that chill, old school, undiscovered gem.

4. The Cherries
A duo composed of Cherry Lou and Cherrie Gal, The Cherries are a one-hit wonder responsible for the catchy song Ano Na Ba?, obviously inspired by All Saints’ Never Ever. One of the Cherries eventually became an artista who accepted some sexy roles.

5. Fruitcake
Our local version of the British girl group Cleopatra, Fruitcake was a trio best known for the Shalala-sounding song Whoops Kirri, which was recently resurrected by two members of the trio. The two no longer look like Cleopatra wannabes.

6. Eurasia
This group had the right ingredients – sexy Eurasian members (Lana Roi, Gail Nicolas, Kelly Gamboa, Sara Polverini, Kristine Nieto), a couple of members who could sing, catchy tracks – so it’s a shame they released just one album. Their only hit was a revival of the Working Girls theme song, but their album is filled with a lot of good pop songs such as Ikaw ay Perfect. Their lead vocalist Lana Roi is now pursuing a solo career.

7. Pop Girls
They were the female version of Viva Records’ P-Pop boyband XLR8 so they got as much hate and criticism as the boys for supposedly trying hard to be K-Pop. They had a bunch of earcandy, such as Crazy Crazy, and Sige Sige Sayaw, and loved to replace members after they reach a certain age, which is very Menudo, right?

8. La Diva
What do you get when you put three solo singers together in a girl group? A really impressive vocal group. GMA’s decision to put together the winners of their different talent searches was a risky one but it proved to be successful. Jonalyn Viray, Aicelle Santos, and Maricris Garcia are superb soloists but they also knew how to work together as a trio, producing amazing harmonies and a lot of goosebumps-inducing high notes and runs. But some good things never last and now they have to work on their solo careers again.

9. Sex Bomb Girls
There is no questioning the success of these girls, considering their many albums, hit songs, and TV shows, especially when you remember that they’re more of dancers than singers. Despite this, they still managed to get the whole country singing along to their hits like that Spaghetti song, dancing semi-slutty dance moves, and shouting get-get-aww. Proof of their influence and power? Once upon a time, if you asked little girls what they wanted to be when they grow up, they’d answer, a Sex Bomb Girl like Rochelle Pangilinan.

10. Viva Hot Babes
A sexier version of the Sex Bomb Dancers, these babes didn’t have impressive dance moves (technically speaking) but they made up for it by flaunting their legs and cleavage through revealing outfits, plus catchy songs that had double meanings. Remember when Bulaklak and Basketbol were the bomb?

11. Mocha Girls

Not known for their singing talent or songs (what songs did they have???), Mocha Uson and her posse were popular for posing sexy in men’s magazines and for kissing other girls. They were like the Pussycat Dolls, but without the hit songs.