I just put Sadako to sleep.

Before she dozed off, I was scratching her back and telling her how when I was a little boy her age my grandfather used to go to my room and scratch my back until I fell asleep.

The other day, I remember sharing with her how every summer night, my mom used to give my brother and I a sponge bath. Afterwards, we'd be so fresh and so clean, thanks to Johnson's baby powder. Before hitting the sheets, we'd go to our grandfather and ask for some coins that we could put in our alkansya, which were old and empty plastic bottles of Johnson's baby powder.

I love telling Sadako how it was like when I was her age. For some reason, I usually share stories that involve a routine or pattern, like how my late maternal grandfather used to buy me art supplies from the plaza after mass and barbecue, or how I'd remove my socks by rolling them down into "donuts" every time I got home from school (and how my yaya would pretend to hate it).

Tumatak talaga sila because I did those things regularly and because there was always a loved one involved. This realization reminded me to do more regular things with my daughter because I want her to have a lot of good memories to treasure decades from now, whether it's a weekly Krispy Kreme date or a nightly scratch-my-back-while-you-tell-me-a-story-until-I-fall-asleep thing.

What fun routines do you have with your kids?