I love Halloween costumes. But I don’t like wearing them; okay na’ko looking at others in their Halloween costumes.

Yesterday, I brought our talent, Thea Tolentino of The Half-Sisters, to the Pepper Lunch office after my friend Dinna and Cecile Van Straten aka Chuvaness asked for an artista to help pick the employee wearing the best costume.

Bongga, they asked me to judge, as well.

There were five different teams: the Addams Family, people from Oz, the Harry Potter peeps, people from Wonderland (as in Alice in Wonderland), and the Neverland guys. Apart from wearing a costume, the employees also had to decorate their work area.

The Addams Family won Best in Decor especially because they had a family photo and the tombstones of some popular people.

The guys from Neverland won Best in Costume – Group, thanks to the gigantic Captain Hook with a gigantic hook, the chic lola (sorry I don’t remember my Peter Pan anymore), and this guy in a pajama holding a stuffed toy (super sorry, I really don’t remember my Peter Pan anymore).

The employee who won Best in Costume also came from the Neverland guys: Mr. Smith (tama ba?), whose belly-baring get-up won him the award and prize.

Actually, a lot of them had really cool, creative costumes. There was this Harry Potter character wearing a toilet seat around her neck (sorry, I don’t know my Harry Potter), this Harry Potter character with big ears and wearing a sack (sorry talaga, I don’t know my Harry Potter), plus the Yaya Dub twins from the Addams family.

I enjoyed judging but highlight of the day was seeing Cecile again and getting to spend time and talk with her coz I learned a lot after our time together even if it was just short.