I am so happy for Alden Richards.

He is doing so good right now, thanks to his love team with Yaya Dub/Maine Mendoza called AlDub. This has opened a lot of doors for him; inquiries for endorsement deals, mall shows, and magazine features and covers have been pouring in. In fact, he hasn’t had a day off for more than a couple of months now because he has Eat Bulaga! from Monday to Saturday, and Sunday PinaSaya on Sundays, plus all the rehearsals and shows and photo shoots and recording sessions and trips to the gym.

Being part of the AlDub love team is not the only thing responsible for his immense popularity right now, although we all know how much it has helped his career, of course. There is no denying how attractive and charming he is. Alden is also a talented actor and more importantly, a serious and disciplined hard worker. He didn’t give up; he was patient enough to wait for his time (aka tamang panahon – yes, I just had to use it) so now he is enjoying all the fruits of his labor.

Alden has made my job so much easier! I don’t even have to knock on doors anymore; magazine editors themselves have been getting in touch with me, asking if they could feature him.

Released last week was his cover for Manila Bulletin Style Weekend For Men and I have to say all the shots are great (thanks to Advan Ramirez!) and that styling is on fleek (thanks to Leo Marvin Balante)!

I love the color palette and how simple the styling is. After all, you don’t need much when you’ve got that face, that smile, and those dimples.

Just look at this set of headshots. That one on the lower left is killing me.

He sure knows how to rock the jeans – white tee – black leather jacket combo, too, noh?

Also out now is his cover for Inside Showbiz. I used to be the EIC of Inside Showbiz so I am happy that they put Alden in the cover.

We shot this in a hotel – in the hallway, in the bedroom, by the pool – and I love how simple the styling was, just like with Style Weekend.

It was fun doing the shoot with people I got to work with when I was still part of the magazine, such as John Ocampo, who is responsible for the great photos of Alden. I can’t wait to see the inside pages and see the rest of his photos, plus read the story of Maan Pamaran, who is always fun to be with.

Highlight of the Inside Showbiz shoot? I saw Alden’s feet – he was barefoot while doing the interview – and my gawd they were so smooth and clean!

Don’t forget to grab a copy of Style Weekend For Men and Inside Showbiz magazines. You better watch out for Alden’s other magazine features.

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