There is no doubt about it: Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are the most in demand endorsers right now. When their love team AlDub became a hit not so long ago, various brands naturally wanted them to endorse their products. Endorsement deals were sealed one after another, from McDonald’s and Bear Brand to Talk ‘N Text. And that’s not the end of it, of course. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing some new billboards and TVCs of Alden and Maine endorsing other brands in the next few days.

Even without each other, the two are booking some endorsement jobs. Maine, for example, has 555 Sardines. Alden, on the other hand, is the newest endorser of Snow Caps, a food supplement. The launch took place last yesterday in Plaza Ibarra, and boy it was jampacked when I got there.

I went straight to the holding area and tagged along showbiz reporter Nelson Canlas and his boyfriend, who wanted a photo opp with Alden. After they left, I took some shots for the GMA Artist Center Instagram account and then went to our table.

Everyone was excited to see him, it was very obvious, and when he finally went onstage to say hi and sing, everybody whipped out their phone and just didn’t stop taking photos and video clips. It was crazy.

Well, not as crazy as after the program. People dashed to the stage to have selfies taken and when it got a little out of control, Alden was escorted back to the holding room. Many people followed him there and all of a sudden there was a line of people who wanted to see him again up close.

I didn’t bother following coz the scene was really crazy.

I couldn’t even help the writers and editors AND colleagues/friends who came up to me to ask for assistance. Sorry!

Alden had a shoot after the Snow Caps launch so he had to run to his van not just coz he was running late but also coz the crowd was pretty wild.

Some people were lucky to get to have a selfie with Alden, some were not. And then there were these really lucky mallrats who got to meet Alden in a gimmick the brand did earlier. They asked mall-goers to go inside a photo booth not knowing that the guy holding an Alden Richards mask was really Alden himself. Lucky, noh? I know they plan to do that in other malls so better research and pretend to be surprised when Alden reveals himself na ha? ;)

BTS, super thanks to Jen and Lan of Summit. Lan went to the Snow Caps event just to hand me my copy of Yes and Preview magazine’s November issue, both featuring AlDub on the cover.