Several years ago, I worked at a store called Shop Familia. We had a lot of imported items from all these really cool brands. We had clothes, shoes, toys, accessories – everything, actually – for parents and their kids.

My favorite was this line of plush dolls from Uglydoll. These Uglydolls were so cute in a weird kind of way so I instantly fell in love with them. They had weird names and they came with a little bio, that was always fun to read.

Every time boxes of new stuff arrived, I always made sure I was there to open them because I wanted to reserve the Uglydolls for me. I ended up buying seven of them.

The weird thing is that I didn’t do much with the Uglydolls after purchasing them. They just stayed inside my closet. The only time they were set free was when Sadako was born. I used some to decorate her crib, but then eventually kept them inside the closet again.

Now that she is five, Sadako is very much interested in my Uglydolls and has been playing with them a lot lately. She feels as if they’re hers but hello, they’re mine! I want to continue collecting them but I think that’s going to be very challenging since they just released a lot of new stuff. For example, they have Uglydolls dressed as characters form Wizard of Oz, and Star Trek. They even have Uglydolls as KISS members.

I don’t think Uglydolls are available in the Philippines. I saw some wearing the Batman and the Superman costumes in Toys ‘r Us but they don’t really carry the others.

Well, there’s always online.

In the meantime, I’m perfectly fine with my seven Uglydolls.

Sadako, too.