A couple of months ago, my nephew Inigo lost his two front teeth.

He arrived at my birthday dinner with a big smile, minus two teeth – and he looked funny-cute.

Sadako was amazed and couldn’t stop staring.

Back at home, Sadako went on and on and on about how her Kuya Inigo must have forgotten to brush his teeth regularly, resulting to the loss of teeth. She added that she’s pretty sure he has bad breath now. 

I’d laugh every time Sadako mentioned that and every time I saw Inigo’s photos where he’s smiling. Deep inside, however, I was afraid of Sadako’s turn to lose her milk teeth.

That happened sooner than expected, as in awhile ago.

My nap got cut short when I heard Sadako crying and Honeybun talking to her, mentioning the word “tooth” and asking her where it was. I instantly got up and checked her mouth. She was missing one of her lower teeth in front, and we couldn’t find it anywhere. She didn’t even want to tell us whether she swallowed it or not.

Sadako was inconsolable. No matter how much we told her that losing teeth at her age is normal and that they would get replaced eventually, she didn’t buy it. She just cried and cried and cried, even if we promised her ice cream to make her feel better. She just stopped when she got something in her eye and it took us 15 minutes to wash it out. And then she fell asleep.

I wonder how she’d feel about it tomorrow morning.

I wonder how she’d feel when she loses her two front teeth, just like her Kuya Inigo.