I recently got an iPad Air 2 because I wanted a better tool to help me with writing/blogging.

I have been too busy with work lately so I haven’t had the time to blog, and whenever I felt like blogging or had free time to do so, the office laptop or my Mac Air was out of reach.

So now I have an iPad. Now I have no excuse to not write/blog.

I knew that if I wanted to write a lot, I had to buy a separate, physical keyboard for my iPad. There were many choices. I initially wanted to get the Mac wireless Bluetooth keyboard but didn’t want to also spend for a case that would also serve as a stand. After a lot of Googling, I ended up wanting to get one of those keyboard cases from Belkin. Good thing the Mac store in Robinsons Magnolia had some.

I ended up buying the Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard case, and I know it’s pretty early but I already have to declare my love for it.

So many things to love about it.

The keyboard is perfect; sure, some of the keys had to be made smaller but they are still big enough and close enough to the usual-sized keys so you don’t make typos. It also comes with backlight ha.

I like that the iPad can be detached from the keyboard, for instances when you don’t want to use the keyboard – like when you want to use the iPad for taking pictures (very tito/tita, but yeah). It can easily be reattached, thanks to all these strategically placed magnets.

Another good thing about it is how you can attach the iPad even if it’s standing up (vertical mode). Not a lot of keyboard cases/stands can do that noh.

And oh, it looks gorgeous.

Like I said earlier, I know it’s too early, but I have to say that I love it. Sana may forever with this keyboard case.