When I have a lot of time to kill or when I want to spend some quality time with myself, one of the things I like to do is go to a coffeeshop and enjoy a drink while reading something. My drink of choice is usually a hot or cold green tea drink, or something chai. When I want to reward myself, it’s usually one of the richer, more sinful drinks – and a slice of cake.

As for the reading material, I check out the newspapers’ lifestyle sections, and then flip through all the magazines the cafe has. I almost always run out of things to read and wish that I had a book or a magazine with me, which never happens. What’s worse is that my drink usually outlives my reading materials so I am forced to read something online. And this never happens. I am weak so I always end up tweeting or checking my Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Things are about to change now because I recently discovered a coffeeshop in Tomas Morato called Book and Borders. As the name suggests, they have books to go with their coffee. They’ve got lots: popular YA titles, bestsellers, coffeetable books, board books for kids, and my favorite, Archie digests.

The place is perfect for reading. Light is ample, music is relaxing instead of distracting, and atmosphere is cozy. Couples and groups go there for a date or a meeting but interestingly, they are not a distraction. Honestly, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s with the type of music they play or the seating arrangement, or maybe the place attracts people who know how to respect others’ personal (audio) space. Basta.

What I do know is that apart from bookworms and loners, Book and Borders Cafe attracts coffee-lovers, who will definitely enjoy the several hot and cold coffee drinks there. Non-coffee drinkers, on the other hand, have some options, too, such as chocolate beverages and fruit smoothies. I haven’t tried a lot of their drinks but I like what I’ve tasted so far: the matcha green tea smoothie, which is more milky than green tea, and the very strong iced mocha, which has these visually interesting milk-infused ice spheres instead of ice cubes.

As for food, their chef Edward Mateo has created salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, and rice dishes. I like their Bolognese pasta dish (P200) because the serving is really big (good for two), but my favorite is their very tasty fried tuyo pasta (P195). They also have a lot of desserts such as donuts and cakes.

They have this amazing matcha green tea cheesecake that I always get and that you should try. It costs P180 and is worth every peso. agrees!

As someone who frequents the place, I can say that a lot of senior citizens and families with kids go there on weekends. The place is always almost full, and it gets almost always full at night. And oh, parking is sadly limited.

You can hold meetings there. They have tables good for 10 – 12 people, plus an area near the counter that’s a little more private. You can even rent the whole place for parties, and use their projector; they have this really cool wide screen that drops from the ceiling.

Interestingly, Benjamin Alves is one of the endorsers and owners of Book and Borders, so chances of seeing him there are high. That, of course, is just one of the many reasons why you should check the place out.

Book and Borders is located at #281 Tomas Morato Street, Diliman, Quezon City