Last month, Mega Man shot Artist Center hunks Mikael Daez and Rocco Nacino (together with Cornerstone talent Markki Stroem) for their June 2015 cover – and it’s now out!

It is to celebrate Pinoy pride and “dark and handsome” men (although dark ba si Markki?), and don’t we just love dark and handsome men? 

Rocco is one of my favorite morenos, even back when I still was not part of GMA Artist Center. Apart from his hot coffee complexion, the actor has an undoubtedly beautiful face (dude, gwapo noh?); if you get to know him more, too, you’ll find out that he’s charming and funny, as well.

He’s very manly; he’s a man’s man. I think he doesn’t intimidate other guys, he’s the type you wanna hang out with pa nga.

And I love that he’s been taking good care of his body (through sports such as mixed martial arts), and that he’s investing hard earned money in businesses such as a Cable Car branch and  a franchise of Elorde Gym. As an actor, he’s proven his chops and versatility, and I like how he opts for these unexpected roles such as Pedro Calungsod.

He is such a catch that his girlfriend is Lovi Poe, one of the hottest women on earth! 

And then there is Mikael. He’s the perfect example of “tall, dark, and handsome,” di ba? Still looking like a model even if he rarely does ramp work now, Mikael is famous for his very defined jawline, which is heavensent. Not everyone can have something signature like that and use it to their advantage; in fact, I love how he’s come to embrace and love his jawline and be candid about it, especially when teased.

Mikael is one of the best male hosts that we have right now. I’ve seen him do his thing in pageants, in live shows, in front of the camera, in front of a live audience, in front of sosyaleros and in front of super masa fans – and he does an awesome job each and every single time. When I was with him in Tacloban last year, I was a witness to his enviable speaking skills. Mikael is so blessed; it’s like he perfectly memorized a perfectly written script, delivers it as if he practiced for hours, and make it seem like it’s the most natural thing to say. Without any trace of kaba ha.

I haven’t seen the inside pages of Mega Man but I can’t wait to see the final photos that made it to the issue. Don’t forget to grab a copy! And I hope you like my behind-the-scenes photos.

Until next shoot.