I am gone for most part of the day due to work. As much as I want to spend every single of the day with Sadako, I can’t. Well, for now.

Apart from our bonding time every weekend, we also bond every morning, thanks to my getting-ready-for-work routine.

Sadako usually wakes up before I do, and she usually just stays in bed, playing with her MagiClip Disney Princesses. Once she catches me awake, she greets me “Good morning, Plapla” (yes, she calls me Plapla) and gives me a good morning kiss and hug.

We instantly proceed to the kitchen where she watches me drink my apple cider vinegar water, brush my teeth, and wash my face. I then pretend to shoo her when she tries to follow me inside the comfort room when I take my bath.

Afterwards, she watches me slather on beauty products, the sequence of application which she knows by now.

When it’s time for me to dress up, she inserts herself in my top and I have to convince her to “undress” ASAP because I still need to fold the sleeves and I’m running out of time.

Sadako especially likes to help me wear my belt. There have been times when she would catch me in the middle of wearing it or already done with it, and she would demand for me to remove it so she can be the one to do it.

And then there is that kiss before I head out of the condo.

Little things, but they mean a lot considering I am out for most part of the day.

Sadako welcoming me home is for another post.