Girls love their makeup noh? So when I asked if any of the girls from GMA Artist Center wanted to go to the Mac Is Beauty event with me, it was no surprise I got a bunch!

It was held in Glorietta and Joyce Ching, Andrea Torres, Stephanie Sol, and Thea Tolentino clearly had a great time.

I love how pink was clearly the theme of the event, and that The Half Sisters’ Thea, who was wearing a cream lace top and a pink skirt, looked perfect for the event.

The girls had fun trying on the brand’s new makeup offerings; they also had their nails did, most of them opted for pink, as expected – just look at Joyce (who has a new show now called Healing Hearts).

Lovely finger food, desserts, and drinks (one was even in the girliest pink, awww) were served and Andrea had to skip them because she said she’s dieting and trying to maintain her figure, which I think is perfect already. I wasn’t as disciplined and had a couple of drinks!

My favorite part of the event was how these models paraded wearing these crazy ass gigantic wigs. And our very own Stephanie, who is known for being bold and game, didn’t think twice and just wore one of them and posed for photos! Ferosh.

Lovely event with the girls.

I can’t wait for the next one.