I’ve always been a fan of actress Andrea Torres. In fact, when she was just a newcomer and I was still with One Mega Group, I asked my team to get her for a feature. As expected, the photos were stunning, and she was a joy to work with.

She is still a joy to work with, now that I am part of GMA Artist Center, the talent agency that co-manages her together with Rams David.

Andrea is featured in the website and I am very happy with the outcome, from the styling to the quality of the photos.

Andrea looks hot, noh? Duh.

Some people say she looks like Eva Mendes.

While some see Cindy Crawford in her in some of the photos.

Eva or Cindy? Kahit sino! Both women are gorgeous!

Thanks to the whole StyleMNL team again: Ed Lorenzo (producer), Andrew Apuya (photographer), Sari Campos (makeup), Jan Edrosolan (hair), and Mich Fernandez (styling). Don’t forget to check, everyone.