Most kids don’t care about clothes and fashion – kids only care about toys, right? – but there are those (girls in particular) who do display an interest in clothes and fashion and shopping and dressing up at a young age.

Sadako is kind of like that. She was a big fan of Beyonce and Lady Gaga and Erykah Badu when she was younger so she loved dressing up like them whenever she’d copy their performances.

But that was it.

Lately, however, she’s started to show a lot of interest in clothes – you know , like dresses.

It all started when she visited H&M for the first time and I bought her some dresses. How could I not when they’re so affordable yet so pretty? They have a lot of gorgeous pieces but my favorite is a line of sleeveless printed dresses worth P350 each. I bought Sadako a couple and showed her the girls modelling the same dresses in the H&M website. That led her to asking for an impromptu photo shoot so she could compare her photos and poses with those of the girls.’

She loved the two dresses so much that she wanted to wear them all the time. Before long, we needed to buy her some more new dresses.

In a recent trip to the mall, she instantly directed us to go the H&M since it’s near the entrance. She also knew how to get to the Kids department, in fairness. It was fun to see her check out stuff and look at herself in the mirror. I also enjoyed how decisive she was when it came to choosing dresses she wanted.

For the ultimate shopping experience, I gave her the huge shopping bag, but that proved to be tricky. It was huge and Sadako got the impression that she could get anything she wanted and that she needed to fill the big bag up with stuff!

It was so cute seeing Sadako lining up to pay for her dresses, handing out the bills at the counter, and getting her shopping bag after.

My little girl is growing up so fast!