I’ve always been a fan of Oreo. Who isn’t a fan, right?

But unlike those who like to lick off the cream filling before eating the cookies, or those who dunk them in milk first, I like to eat my Oreo the normal way. In fact, I think what makes Oreo great is how the bitter cookies and sweet cream filling taste well together.

I am also a fan of the other flavors they released, from chocolate and strawberry to the more exciting ones like peanut butter and blueberry.

Oreo just released another new flavor, something pretty unexpected: Coconut Delight. And I love it! I am a big fan of the flavor. I love buko juice, buko shake, Almond Joy, and macaroons, and so it was also love at first bite for me when I tasted the new flavor of Oreo.

I know some people don’t like it but I am such a fan. There is just something about the taste of coconut infused in the sweet filling that fits the bitter cookies so well.

Interestingly, Sadako loves it, too, which is kinda surprising coz coconut isn’t really every kid’s favorite flavor. In fact, she held on to the whole pack and didn’t want to give me any. I guess I have to buy my own pack.