Sadako got her wish granted last week when I bought her the Rapunzel MagiClip doll that came with two squeeze dresses that she could use with her other Disney Princess dolls.

She has this impression now that every time we go to the mall, I must buy her another MagiClip toy to add to her collection.

So when we went to Robinsons Magnolia yesterday, she dragged me to Toys ‘R Us. The moment we got there, she headed straight to where the MagiClip dolls were and grabbed Snow White. And because she completed a 50-piece puzzle last night, I had to get her another doll, as promised.

She was torn between Anna of Frozen and Ariel, and she eventually chose the Little Mermaid.

As usual, she just wanted me to pay for them and for us to go sit somewhere so she could already play with them.

And as usual, I was for her the annoying parent who just has to take hundreds of photos before she could get to open her toy.

This is Sadako not exactly delighted about how I required her to have her photos taken first before she could open them.

This is Sadako faking a smile.

This is Sadako getting tired of all the fake smiles she has to make.

This is Sadako starting to get annoyed and impatient.

This is Sadako bored and not cooperating.

After some shots, I finally let her open her toys and check them out.

But I just had to take some more snapshots.

This is Sadako trying on the MagiClip dresses as earrings.

I bet she can’t wait for next week. My wallet, too.