Just like a lot of girls, Sadako loves the Disney Princesses, so naturally, she has Disney Princess dolls and toys.

We were watching Play-Doh toy reviews on YouTube a couple of weeks ago when we stumbled upon one where the YouTuber made clay dresses for the Disney Princess toy figures. But first she had to remove these MagiClip dresses the princesses were wearing. That led to us checking out other MagiClip dress videos.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for my five-year old to request for a MagiClip Disney Princess toy figure for pasalubong ASAP.

I was feeling rich and extra generous recently so I got to buy her one – just one, because one toy figure (with two Magic Clip dresses) costs about P600. Asked to choose from all the princesses, Sadako instantly knew which one to get: Rapunzel, her favorite.

She was so excited she didn’t want to pose for stupid photos; she just wanted me to already pay at the counter.

After doing so, she wanted us to go sit down so she could open her new toy and play with it already.

We ended up in Ramen Nagi, my favorite place for ramen, where she was so well-behaved. Actually, she was just busy and focused playing with her toy while waiting for her breaded chicken and rice.

What I like about the series is how the dresses are one-size-fits-all so the princesses could switch dresses. Ariel could dress up like Snow White, Snow White could wear Belle’s yellow ballgown, etc. I also like how the MagiClip dresses fit the other same-size Disney Princess toy figures. This means Sadako was able to use Rapunzel’s dresses for her Snow White, Belle, and other Rapunzel toy figures at home.

As expected, she is already excited about next weekend because she has this impression that we’re malling and that I’ll be buying her another MagiClip doll. She even knows which princess to get: Snow White.