Sadako is an “only” child.

I have no plans of giving her a sibling. Having a child is expensive; having more than one child is more expensive!

Sometimes, I do feel tempted to give Sadako a brother or sister. I’m not an “only” child, but it’s easy to understand how some “only” children don’t like not having siblings – how sad it could be to be sibling-less growing up.

We are down south right now with my family to celebrate Sadako’s birthday and it’s amazing to see her bonding and having so much fun with Inigo, her only cousin (so far) on my side. As in they are inseparable. She wants to do everything with him, even when she’s already tired. And when we’re home, we talk about nothing but Inigo.

I’m really, really tempted to reconsider, but no! Ang mahal kaya!

Cousins, same-age relatives, and friends are not the same as siblings but I guess they’d have to do. Who says brothers and sisters need to be blood-related, anyway? There are even times when friends are closer to us than our actual siblings, right?

In the meantime, I am grateful for Inigo’s presence in Sadako’s life. They might not be super close right now and they may not get to see each other regularly or frequently, but I guess he’s the closest thing to a brother that she has. I’m definitely cool with that.