I’ve been with GMA Artist Center for about two years and out of the almost 200 talents that we have, I haven’t really worked with or even met some of them. An example is Andre Paras. I’ve booked a couple of magazine features for him, but I for some reason never got to join the shoot with him and his younger brother Kobe.

Yesterday, March 19, 2015, I finally got to meet him. We had a shoot for a magazine, and he instantly impressed me.

He was punctual; in fact, he arrived earlier than the whole magazine crew! He was also very courteous and pleasant with everyone. He knew when he needed to be serious and when to let loose.

It was also great to know that he has no star complex despite having famous parents and accomplishing so much at such a young age. He drove himself to the shoot (yup, no driver), and he didn’t have a personal assistant, too. He carried his clothes and shoes from the car to the studio and didn’t expect anyone to help him.

According to his handler, Mike, we were also very lucky we got to book him because apart from the many commitments he has (such as taping for high-rating The Half-Sisters and his MTV Pilipinas shows/segments), he also has school – something that he prioritizes.

It was definitely a great first meeting and I can’t wait to work with the very fun Andre again.

Watch out for the magazine feature because he wore some really great outfits and he rocked all of them!