Sadako is a big fan of the Monster High dolls. She’s never seen any of the movies or the show, but after seeing the dolls a couple of times in Toy Kingdom, she finally took notice and asked me to buy her one of them.

Her choice was Draculaura, who, according to the package, is the daughter of Count Dracula. She is a very pretty doll; she’s got long black hair with pink highlights, a super short skirt, and pink knee-high boots. She may have fangs but she doesn’t look scary.

A week or so after, Sadako asked for another doll. This time, she chose Frankie Stein, the daughter of Frankenstein. She may have a stitch on her face and salt and pepper hair, but she’s still attractive enough for girls to like her; she wears a plaid dress that looks like a schoolgirl’s uniform, plus she’s got some cool accessories like a studded belt and a polka dotted necktie.

I eventually bought Sadako another Monster High doll: Clawdeen Wolf, who is the daughter of The Werewolf. She may have fangs (well, she IS a werewolf), but she doesn’t look scary at all. She looks pretty stylish, actually, with her animal print top and fur collared coat.

These three Monster High dolls all come with a stand, a brush, a pet, and a fashion accessory.

Confession: I love Monster High dolls, as well. I think I love them more than Sadako loves them. Sometimes, when Sadako’s not playing with them, I play with them.

They look gorgeous; I find them prettier and more interesting-looking than Barbie dolls but also more realistic than Bratz dolls. I also like their clothes; I love how they usually come in separate pieces and how they have fashion accessories. What I like most about Monster High dolls is how their elbows and wrists are bendable, allowing a lot of different poses.

Look at them looking like fierce fashion models Tyra Banks would love to get for America’s Next Top Model. They surely outpose Barbie and her friends.

I love Monster High dolls so much I am seriously considering my own collection AND starting a YouTube account where I can upload video reviews of the dolls. I am very, very excited.

I’m sure Sadako would be excited about that, too.