Sadako, Honeybun, and I watched Disney on Ice awhile ago.

We kind of did it on a whim, but I’m so glad we ended up doing it. It’s true what they say: sometimes, it’s best when you don’t plan.

We arrived at the Smart Araneta Coliseum at 11am, a couple of hours before the 1:30pm show that we wanted to catch. I was relieved to see there was no line at the ticketing office. However, I didn’t have enough cash with me so I had to run to the nearest ATM machine, which wasn’t really that near, actually. When I got back, cash in hand (and huffing and puffing), I was glad to find out that the Patron VIP area still had three seats available, although they were located at the elevated area and not directly in front of the rink. I still purchased them, of course.

We still had enough time to have lunch. After some chicken and pizza, we quickly returned to the Araneta to make sure we wouldn’t have a hard time getting in, considering a lot of families were watching.

To make Sadako’s experience complete, we bought her a souvenir. She saw the toy figures and instantly gravitated towards Tiana so we ended up buying it for her. Odiba, she loves diversity.

I was glad that Sadako didn’t get impatient inside. We got inside pretty early, but her new Tiana toy proved to be a great buy (Sadako played with her a lot before the show), plus Sadako entertained herself by singing along to Let It Go when they played it a couple of times. It was also her first time to hear the national anthem, and it was pretty funny how she tried to sing it complete with semi-slutty diva moves; she thought it was some pop song.

As for the show, it was very entertaining, as expected. I am a fan of ice skating (watching people ice skate, to be exact), there were lots of cute performers, and just like everyone, I am a Disney kid so I enjoyed the retelling of their stories. The only part that bored me was the one on Rapunzel because I didn’t get to see Tangled so I couldn’t really relate. Too bad because Rapunzel was the bida of the show in the end.

But the highlight of the show was every time I saw Sadako enjoying. I swear she was one of the more engaged and noisy and affected kids there. She was clapping like there was no tomorrow and I heard here shouting and squealing and saying things like, “I love you, Prince! You’re so handsome!”

So priceless! I did not even feel the P5760 that I spent for the three tickets. Well, at least during those moments lang. Ilang Starbucks na din yun, noh!

Sadako got a little sleepy towards the end of the show but she still go to finish it and even wanted to stay, but I wanted us to go home already since I was scared of traffic.

And so now it is a little past 9pm and I am typing this and Sadako and Honeybun are still napping.

It was a great day. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my Christmas break.

Can’t wait for next year. I better make a reservation and score that 10% early bird discount. I’m sure everyone’s excited about it because it’s going to have the Frozen posse, as well.