Two days is kinda short but it was more than enough for me to get to know GMA Artist Center talents Kylie Padilla and Mikael Daez more. I’ve worked with them a couple of times in the past but our Tacloban trip for Save the Children has made me get to know them better. I can’t wait for the next one!

Here’s what I learned about the two during those two days.


1. Mikael is a sleeper.

Mikael, just like a lot of artistas, is sleep-deprived. This means he tries to catch some Z’s whenever he has the chance. I’ve seen him do this inside the van and at the airport while we were waiting for our flight. He’s a very skilled sleeper, too. It doesn’t take him forever to doze off. And he can sleep in any position. And oh, he looks camera-ready when he sleeps. 

2. Mikael knows his food.

Well, what can we expect? He is the host of Midnight Express, after all. He’s come to be a food expert, and we naturally turned to him every time it was time to order. He has all these entertaining food stories, too.

3. Mikael is Mr. Organized.

I saw Mik empty his backpack and out came all these plastic containers and little bags containing his stuff. Everything was compartmentalized. And I’m not talking about just the usual water-resistant bag for his toiletries; I think I even saw one that contained his gadgets and chargers.

4. Mikael is a talker.

You know how some people need to turn on their “host” switch on? Mik isn’t one of them. When he talks with anyone – a probinsyano from Tacloban, a staff member of Save the Children, a foreigner – it’s as if there’s a camera in front of him. He knows what to say and he looks good saying it! Such talent.


1. Kylie is just watching Friends for the first time.

Can you believe that??? Well, believe it. She is so in love with the show that even when we were in the van, instead of catching up on sleep she watched episodes of the hit show.

2. Kylie is a crybaby.

She teared up doing an interview after she met a family that suffered the wrath of Yolanda. She got misty-eyed recalling meeting the kids. She was sniffing like crazy watching an episode of Friends where Rachel and Ross broke up.

3. Kylie is disciplined when it comes to her diet

She isn’t following any particular type of diet, but she knows what she needs to avoid. During our Tacloban trip, Kylie stuck to her no-pork rule. I also saw her eat just the vegetables of a meat-and-veggie dish, reject a really good-looking dessert, skip rice, and practice portion control. I wish I had her self-control and self-discipline.

4. Kylie looks perfect.

I saw her at 4am with just a couple of hours of sleep. I saw her at 12 noon after being under the merciless sun. I saw her at 12 midnight after a long, hard day at work. She always looked perfect. Without makeup. I’ll use what she’s using.