This morning, Lany from Save the Children sent me the link to a video of their Christmas campaign called #GiveALittle. I watched it and it didn’t take long before I got teary-eyed.

The message is very strong. You don’t need to give everything. You don’t need to give a lot. You can give just a little – but it will surely matter.

And what we fail to realize sometimes is that our littlest, smallest, parang-wala-lang efforts have a huge impact on the recipient. Sometimes, life-changing pa. So imagine the impact if we gave more, if we gave it all.

The video is extremely touching. It shows a boy starting his day carrying what seems to be jugs of water for the family, feeding the chickens, helping a younger sibling brush teeth, feeding the family, being a student at school, fetching water, sweeping the floor, helping the father with his boat, bringing home dinner, sharing bread with a sibling, and sharing an umbrella during a rainy day.

The song is perfect. The melody is as amazing as the lyrics: You give a little love and it all comes back to you, you’re gonna be remembered for the things you say and do, give a little love, give a little love and it all comes back to you.

What made the tears roll down my cheeks extra fast is the fact that I know the boy: Gerald. I met him in Tacloban a couple of weeks ago. I instantly knew he’s a good soul. Gerald and his family are Yolanda survivors; I’m glad they survived the typhoon but I know they still need a lot of help, just like the others in Tacloban.

Yes, YOU can help.

Save the Children is doing a Christmas appeal for donations, and you can donate until December 31.

With just P2500, a family with four kids can get the basic supplies they need for a full school year.

Do check out the Save the Children #GiveALittle page to find out how to donate.

This campaign is close to my heart because I got to meet Gerald and the other kids of Tacloban just a couple of weeks ago. Save the Children is close to my heart because as a parent, I want the best for my child. I want her to be happy and equipped and safe and protected.

I believe the children are our future, sabi nga ni Tita Whitney, so they should receive all the care and guidance and nourishment and happiness and protection we could give them.