I love, love, love magazines.

As in.

Not sure it counts but when I was in grade school, I saved up for songhits (do you even know what those are?).

While cousins ate all the merienda or played video games during family gatherings, I was just inside a room flipping through all these foreign magazines of my titas and my lola.

When I was in high school, I started buying magazines. As in from my baon ha. I remember that unparalleled feeling of satisfaction when I bought the first issue of Teen magazine Philippines. I was so in love with the smell of the paper and the feel of the pages that I made sure I was very careful handling it – I made sure that no matter how many times I read the copy it would still look brand new/fresh from National Bookstore.

And then there’s my addiction to Book Sale. I used to buy stacks and stacks of magazines. I had favorite titles (Details, Real Simple, Body + Soul/Whole Living), but I also had a thing for obscure ones – the more obscure the better. I would spend no less than a thousand pesos every week for magazines.

Naturally, I wanted to be part of a magazine, too. After school, I contributed to some magazines and I eventually worked full-time for one, climbed the ladder, became EIC, and joined other magazines after that.

I love magazines so much I used to collect them. I loved the sight of my bookshelf filled up with rows and rows of magazines. They were arranged according to title, and there were also stacks of obscure ones that were arranged according to type (interior design, fashion, culture, etc.). I would run out of space, but that was not much of a problem. Even if I didn’t really have space for more magazines, I always made space for them.

There were times, of course, when I had to let go of some, like when I moved or I got tired of them or had already reread them to death. It was always heartbreaking and it was always a struggle.

Last year, I gave up about 90% of my magazine collection because we had to move to a smaller place. The purging process was long and hard, and there were times when I would only let go of five, the most. Still, before the actual move, I ended up with just two big plastic containers containing magazines, which – in fairness – already included those featuring my work as either editor or contributing writer.

I couldn’t believe I had more than two big plastic containers of magazines before. I even remember one move when I had to bring all my magazines with me. And you know how heavy magazines are.

I am proud to say that the last time I checked, the only magazines I have are those featuring my work, and my collection of Domino, which has been with me for the longest time because they already folded. I don’t have all the copies the released; I have just about 20, but they are all collector’s items since the title no longer exists. Those copies are really special because I got to read each one at least twice, and I really got to use some of the tips and I got a great deal of inspiration from the stories and photos.

And now it’s time to say goodbye to them.

I no longer need to rely on them for design inspiration for the condo unit, especially because I am trying to be a minimalist even when it comes to interior design, as well.

Recently, I posted a photo of my Domino collection on Instagram, saying goodbye to the magazines, and someone from their official Instagram account actually replied to my post and told me not do it. LOLers.

A former colleague, who now works for website on interior design, actually wants my collection.

I guess I just found a new home for my Domino mags.

And, yes, I guess I’m not saying yes to their request.