I was fixing my cabinet last night when I saw that I was running out of space. Nine CD albums caught my attention, and I instantly knew I had to do some purging.

What’s inside the albums? Music CDs, original VCDs, and (I’m not proud of this) a lot of pirated DVDs.

Letting go of some of them was easier than expected.

I realized I was holding on to some CDs and artists just so I could have an extensive collection of music.

I also realized that I will never watch some of the VCDs and DVDs ever again, and that I didn’t even like a lot of them in the first place.

Most of those that stayed behind are really, really special CDs of artists and movies and TV series I don’t think I’ve come across online.

Out of the nine CD albums, I still have six, but three CD albums and 298 CDs are now ready for the taking, in case anyone’s interested.

That’s a big cut but I can’t wait to revisit my collections again sometime soon and see what else I can let go of.

So if anyone’s interested in an original VCD copy of Jologs, just holler, okay?