Everyone’s a music-lover.

So I’m pretty sure you know at least 10 family members or friends or officemates who, this Christmas, would love to receive these Coloud headphones, which are not just durable but pretty stylish, too, considering they have a clean and minimal design. They are also equipped with a hassle-free and tangle-free system. Odiba.

The Pop headphone (P895) is a pair of angled ear buds that assures a good in-ear fit, especially because it comes with S, M. and L replacement caps. Pop comes in really cool popping colors, too. Perfect for your pamangkins!

There is also the Knock headphone (P1195), which is super lightweight and has a patent-pending Zound lasso that makes sure the flat cable stays in place. They look stylish and futuristic, too, so anyone in the family would love this, I’m very sure. #Pamporma.

And then there’s the Boom headphone (P1495), which is for the serious music-lover. Or for that family member who wants to be left alone (for example, the angsty teenager LOL). Its closed construction makes sure outside noise stays out so you can savour all your favorite Manilyn Reynes songs.

Visit the Coloud website for more info.

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