I recently attended the store opening of Forever 21 in SM Southmall and it’s a really great shopping destination for moms because majority of the stuff are for women.

There’s a small portion for the 21Men’s line for all the dads out there. It may be just a small portion but a lot – if not all – of the pieces are really good.

There are printed tops that feature floral prints and ethnic/tribal-inspired ones.

There are slacks in all sorts of shades for the more adventurous dads out there.

There are also an abundance of long-sleeved tops perfect for the holiday season and the Christmas breeze. Well, when the Christmas breeze arrives, that is.

As for the little ones, I spotted these polka-dotted bottoms. They come in denim, black, and cream, so there’s a pair to go with any top.

I love what this mannequin is wearing. This short-sleeved dress is girly but not too girly, thanks to the hearts that are in black instead of the expected red or pink. The denim vest completes the look; it gives the dress that oomph.

Now this mannequin caught my attention, thanks to the white top featuring the Clueless movie poster. I saw it on a cute kid a couple of weeks ago and was too shy to ask the parents where they got it, so I’m glad I got to discover it on my own. I didn’t get to buy it because I wasn’t sure of Sadako’s size, but I will definitely grab one when I’m with Sadako one of these weekends.

But knowing my daughter, this mannequin will definitely make her head turn. The cropped top can pass as a bra top for her so I am pretty sure she’ll ask for it.

Photos taken using a Samsung Galaxy S5