I know I should be stricter but I find myself saying yes to Sadako every time we’re inside Toy Kingdom or Toys ‘R Us and she asks for a toy.

Lately, she’s really been into Disney Princesses so it was pretty expected when the last time we were inside the toy store she asked for a set of Beauty and the Beast toy figures. Apart from Belle and Beast, also included in the set are Gaston, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere, and Cogsworth.

As usual, she was so excited to play with her new toys that she asked us to go eat already right after we paid for them. While waiting for our food to arrive, she unboxed her new toys and had a great time playing with them. In fact, even when her spaghetti and chicken arrived, she was just focused on playing, so meal time proved to be smoother than usual. Thank God for toys, seriously.

Sadako is so much into Beauty and the Beast that her new favorite song is, well, “Beauty and the Beast.” She prefers the Celine Dion – Peabo Bryson version and she loves singing along to it so I downloaded and saved the music video in her iPad so she can enjoy it any time. Recently, I just showed her the Mrs. Potts version but she really prefers the one with Celine and Peabo. I am impressed because she likes doing the runs and doing both the Celine AND Peabo parts a la dobre kara. It’s her current videoke masterpiece. I’d love to share a video of her singing it soon.