Swatch celebrated its 25th anniversary last night at the new Swatch & Swatch center in Arnaiz Avenue – and we were there!

Ang daming ganap! Designers presented their muses (one of them was GMA Artist Center’s Janine Gutierrez!). The limited edition Sabel watch by BenCab was launched. Artists did their thing on the second floor. There were fireworks.

And lotsa food.

Elmo Magalona was there to support girlfriend Janine.

Who else were there from Artist Center?

Mike Tan, whose abs you’ll see very, very soon

Thea Tolentino of The Half-Sisters

James Wright of Strawberry Lane (yes, the singer is also an actor now)

Julia Lee of Hiram na Alaala

The second floor had all these beautiful Swatch watches and we were like kids in a candy bar. Everyone had a hard time choosing just one wristwatch to bring home because there was a lot of really good stuff.

I fell in love with one watch but Mike beat me to it. Sweet of him to give it to me, though. I owe you one, Mike!

Afterwards, I had dinner/midnight snack with a friend. We went to Friday’s so I could introduce my favorite Jack Daniel’s glazed ribs to him. Glad he liked it.

And oh, let’s not forget my favorite drink from Friday’s, their mudslide. A drink and dessert in one. Love it.