Congratulations to shoe brand TOMS, which now has their flagship store at the Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall!

I have to admit I’ve never owned a pair of TOMS so when I got to the store, I took my time and looked at EVERYTHING, from the men’s shoes to the even the women’s, plus those for kids, too.

Now this has got to be my favorite and I have already promised my feet that I shall buy a beautiful polk-a-dotted pair once I get my 13thmonth pay. Lakas maka-hot dad, noh?

This looks pretty cool, too. Not-your-usual, but not too in-your-face.

This blue-and-white striped one is also something I would go for, although I’d love to use a pair for summer just so I can go for a nautical look. Imagine a crisp white tee, a navy pair of shorts, and these. Perfect.

Before I headed out, I was able to score a pair of this Chocolate Canvas under Original Classics. I am in love with these basic ones I want a pair in all colors!

For moms out there, there is an abundance of really stylish footwear, from the slips the brand is known for to unexpected wedges. There are lots of different prints, fabrics, and treatments, too.

If I were a hot mom I would totally go for these shining shimmering splendid ones. Imagine wearing all black; these shoes are all that you’d need.

And now let’s go to shoes for the little ones.

Look at these cute, colourful kicks. Who cares if your baby can’t walk yet, right?

These solid-colored ones are a little more basic but I’m definitely digging those unexpectedly printed soles.

More shoes for little ones: breathable and lace-less.

For big boys, these three are just perfect. If I had a little boy (and lotsa money) I’d buy him all three designs because they’re are all he’d need, really.

Now these two designs I am really digging for Sadako especially because I like open-toed styles for her so her feet could breathe.

One thing I like about TOMS is their One for One advocacy; whenever you purchase a pair, they give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. (Check out the inspiring One for One stories HERE.) Interestingly, TOMS now has eyewear, as well. What’s amazing is that they also use the One for One rule with the eyeglasses. So that means one pair of TOMS eyewear equals a pair of sunglasses, sight-saving surgery, or medical treatment for a kid somewhere out there. Does that make you want to buy lotsa shades or what?

Christmas is just around the corner and TOMS (their flagship store on the Third Level of the Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall Building D, to be specific) is definitely one place where you could buy Christmas gifts for your self, your other half, or your kids. Enjoy shoe-shopping (and shades-shopping also), everyone!

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Photos taken using a Samsung Galaxy S5