Last year, I wrote in my old personal blog about how Sadako, who was three years old then, was such a huge fan of bras, thanks to Beyonce.

She still loves wearing them.

To the mall, for example.

And she’s not shy about it. She thinks all girls wear a bra anytime, anywhere.

Like while ordering lunch.

Or while waiting for some really yummy Belgian waffles.

At the arcade.

With Jollibee.

Sadako has a collection of bras (hers and her mom’s), plus bikini tops.

She was excited the first time she got to watch the swimsuit portion of a beauty pageant on TV that after seeing the first candidate, she ran inside the room and got her drawer of bras and bikini tops.

So she could change.

And make gaya the sashaying and the poses, of course.

There was also this time in the mall we passed by a lingerie store and it was like a candy store for her.

Special occasions? Wear a bra.

Regular day at home? Wear a bra.

Medyo hinay-hinay lang lately coz –ber months na! Baka sipunin LOL.