Halloween is just around the corner, and you parents know what that means: time to buy a costume for trick-or-treat.

When Sadako was a year old, her Halloween costume was very creative; she was dressed as some sort of mini-Corpse Bride with Jack Skellington for a hubby. No one got it but I didn’t care.

When she turned two, she was dressed as Dora the Explorer, which was perfect because she was sporting bangs and kind of resembled the cartoon character.

Last year, I was really busy and lazy (and was a bad parent) and decided for Sadako not to participate in any Halloween activity. A couple of days before Halloween, she went to the mall with Honeybun and upon seeing all these kids in costume trick-or-treating instantly turned jealous. What did she do? She removed her top and wore just her baby bra and skirt, and then asked for Honeybun to buy her a pair of fairy wings. Instant Halloween costume!

We still have a week or so before Halloween and the start of all the trick-or-treats inside malls, but I am proud to say that Sadako already has a costume. I am not that proud to share, however, that she will be dressed as Elsa from Frozen. How creative, right? How original, right?

Oh well.

What happened was that a couple of weeks ago, I finally budged and bought her that Elsa costume she’s been asking for for the longest time. And in the spirit of making tipid, that will already be her costume in all of the trick-or-treats that she will be participating in this year.

I still haven’t fully accepted the fact that my little girl, who has a unique name, won’t have a unique, creative, head-turning costume this year.

All I know is that Sadako loves wearing the Elsa costume (on a daily basis ever since I bought it) and that it makes her happy. Why should I ask her to wear a unique, creative, head-turning costume that doesn’t make her happy, right?