I love doing the groceries.

I like comparing prices and checking ingredients/nutritional values, and choosing the best buys.

I like discovering weird or unexpected chichirya flavors, new sweets, unheard-of items from other countries, and genius/brilliant/WTF/useless kitchen gizmos.  

What I don’t like is when Sadako misbehaves inside the supermarket.

When she is in the mood to push the cart, does this like she is in Luneta, and stops us from pushing it with her. I’m talking about the big cart ha.

When we don’t have space inside the cart and she continues to add stuff (that I get to remove when she’s not looking, yay).

When she remembers the stuff I just removed while she wasn’t looking.

When she throws a tantrum and throws a pack of chichirya out the cart.

When a kid or an old lady gets hit with that pack of chichirya.

When she demands for us to open a pack of really expensive cookies so she can eat it already (after consuming a pack of biscuits, a bag of chichirya, and a tetrapak of chocolate milk).

When she screams and cries like cray cray whenever we tell her she can’t open that pack of cookies.

So what do we do when Sadako misbehaves inside the supermarket?

Giving her food usually shuts her up, whether it’s the “free taste” ones or some of her favourites – as long as they’re not those really expensive cookies.

I also found out buying her a toy right before we do the groceries helps. The new toy usually keeps her occupied the whole time we’re inside the supermarket. Bringing a toy also helps but a new toy keeps her engaged longer. More expensive but worth it, I realized.

Of course, the iPad can babysit her the whole time, as long as there are enough apps and videos there. Introducing new apps can also be a good idea, as long as they’re not the type that’d make them ask you all these questions, worsening your grocery-shopping experience. Lending her my phone also works, in the absence of her iPad, but I go cray making sure no one steals it from her, so that’s kinda stressful yeah.

And then there’s also good ol’ talking. As in calmly explaining to her why she shouldn’t do this or that because it’s bad. This is usually the hardest thing to do when the aisle is packed and everyone is looking at you and your wailing kid, or when all you really want to do is just finish shopping ASAP so you can get that cold cup of milk tea outside or just go home already and nap. But, oh well, it’s the right thing to do and it’s necessary so I try to remember and do that.

How do YOU deal with your kid being makulit inside the supermarket?