Sadako has turned into a bilmoko-nun-bilmoko-nyan girl.

She’d been bugging me for a doll from Toy Kingdom. She wanted that Monster High character she saw in her Monster Pizza iPad app, and I remember saying yes to her a couple of times just to shut her up.

When we went to the mall last weekend, she didn’t forget.

However, she couldn’t make up her mind once she saw all the other toys.

So from Monster High, it became Plum Pudding (Strawberry Shortcake’s friend), and then a barkada pack containing Princess Sofia and her royal family and friends, and then a Disney princess complete with a carriage (I don’t remember which one), and then another Disney Princess complete with a carriage AND a Prince Charming (I don’t remember which one).

We ended up with two Barbie-type Disney Princesses: Snow White and Belle. Good thing they were on sale, from P700 to P500.

Sadako turned into a bilmoko-nun-bilmoko-nyan girl just recently so I am not bothered yet. It’s still in that awww-that-s-cute stage. She hasn’t really made wala in the mall when told I didn’t bring my wallet or some other alibi. Then again, I haven’t really told her I didn’t bring my wallet or some other alibi.

Okay, I am kinda afraid now.

Then again, it’s priceless when I see how happy she is because of her new toys. That moment she finalizes what she really wants, that time when she runs towards the cashier, that moment when she grabs the paper/plastic bag, that time when she finally opens the toys after being told to wait several times, that moment she’s so caught in the moment enjoying her new toys – all priceless.

Any parent would understand. 

Photos taken using a Samsung Galaxy S5