I know everyone’s so excited about the opening of H&M so imagine my excitement when I got my invite to the VIP night!

I brought some Artist Center talents with me, of course.

Former model/potential beauty queen Diva Montelaba

StarStruck graduate/hot baker Ryza Cenon

Hot mom LJ Reyes. Loving the lipstick, gurl!

Elmo Magalona and Dion Ignacio, who wore similar clothes

The event was so packed and everyone was there it was like a reunion.

I saw the always-fun-to-see IC Mendoza, who tried to #SquintAndPoutLikeMarkSablan.

I saw hottie Victor Basa.

And when Vic’s around, Divine Lee is just nearby. Here’s a selfie with my favorite dance partners, Div and Charmaine Palermo.

I bumped heads with charming blogger David Guison, who also tried to #SquintAndPoutLikeMarkSablan.

I saw THE Robby Carmona, too.

Scored a selfie with Rachelle Ann Go, who flew in from London just for the event. odiba.

And my most favorite selfie from the night is this group shot with Maxene Magalona (who used to be with Artist Center), THE Antoinette Taus, and the super hot and charming Tom Taus. It’s always fun bumping heads with this guy.