I have to come clean. I am not the biggest Eraserheads fan. I didn’t really watch their concerts. I didn’t vote for their songs on the radio or request for them on TV. I didn’t want to sleep with any of them. Actually, there came a point when I decided to hate them because everyone loved them so much. I didn’t want to be like everyone. I wanted to be cool and I thought not liking what everyone was liking was cool.

Things didn’t change even when I was already working and got the chance to actually get near them. More of Ely Buendia, actually. I was there when he and his band Pupil launched a music video through Animax, one of the clients of the PR firm I was with some years ago.

Last month, I got to watch Ely and the band perform during the Live in Levi’s event. I bopped my head and did those cool nonchalant dance moves, but didn’t really scream like everyone surrounding me. In fact, when people tried to inch their way closer to the band I just let them and I just stayed where I was.

There was also one time I joined Ely’s table because his girlfriend was there and I'm good friends with her. And get this – I got to ride in his car. Hardcore Eheads fans would kill for something like that. And for me, it was… just okay. I mean I didn’t wish for it to last forever or anything like that.

But you know what, I can’t deny how the Eraserheads were a big part of my younger years. I actually had a copy of their debut album – in cassette tape form ha. And yes, I think I even got to memorize all of their songs (well, just those from the first album lang). I remember really liking the Fruitcake album and book, too. So while I am not their biggest fan, there’s no denying how they and their songs are special to me because they remind me of a certain time in my life. Certain Eraserheads songs would actually remind me of school or my first girlfriend or a male crush or our old house or my lola. Good memories.

Esquire Philippines just did something amazing – a lot of things, actually. They reunited the members, shot them in London, and put them on the cover of their September issue. They got the guys to record two new songs, too: “Sabado” and “1995.” Best of all, they mounted an event featuring all the band members on the same stage. That happened last September 4 at the Dusit Hotel, and everyone was there.

A documentary was shown. The music videos for the band’s two new songs were premiered.

And the band performed. Three songs. Just three songs, but the whole thing was amazing. Especially because there was talk that they weren’t really supposed to perform.

I was actually near the stage. I was part of the moshpit but didn’t really scream like everyone else. When the members went onstage, everyone took out their cameras and took photos and videos like crazy. I whipped out mine and took some and then realized I’d rather just watch and enjoy the guys. And I did. I didn’t sing along or shout or went cray, but I still enjoyed the whole thing.

I left a couple of minutes before their last song ended since I didn’t want to leave when everyone was leaving. I still ended up exiting when everyone was exiting coz I had to wait for my officemates. While waiting for our ride in one of the hotel’s exits (not the main one), something amazing happened: a very drunk Raimund Marasigan went out, complete with drink in hand and wine-stained polo. Expectedly, my officemates flocked to him and asked for a photo. I was the last one to join them but I positioned myself right beside Raimund and started taking selfies while the photographer took forever to take our photos. We also had a little chitchat, a semi-private one that’s gonna remain private for now LOLers.

And then the ride arrived.

Inside, everyone was giddy and on a high. Even me.

My copy of the September issue of Esquire magazine with the Eraserheads on the cover is still sealed in plastic and is inside my drawer. I haven’t had the time to read it, but I am allotting my weekend for enjoying the issue. That is if I don’t end up doing an America’s Next Top Model marathon again.

Actually, I think I’ll just borrow my officemate’s copy. I may not be the biggest Eheads fan but I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy reading the story. They’re a part of my younger years, after all.

As for my own Esquire copy, complete with the CD inside, of course, I think I’ll just save it. No doubt a collector’s item, I’m sure it’ll fetch a pretty good price in the future. 

Oh, by the way, good news for those who didn't get a copy: there's gonna be a second printing according to Alwee of the PR department of Summit.