Confession: I just downloaded Viber a couple of weeks ago. I thought I didn’t have a need for it but I felt like everyone was on it so I ended up downloading it, as well – after asking around, of course, which IM app to DL (obviously, Viber won/most of my contacts are on Viber).

At first I didn’t really get to use it – at all.

And then a couple of my contacts started getting in touch with me through it so I replied through it, as well.

Now I use it with a lot of my contacts, even the company driver, who is just so happy about how it lets him message and even call others for free.

One time, my assistant sent me a bunch of photos through Viber. I was impressed, clearly unaware of the many things you can do with Viber.

And now I just learned about stickers, a fun way to liven up how you communicate with your friends.

Last July 29 at Route 196, Viber launched #ItchyVibes, the sticker pack of Itchyworms, the first-ever local band to have their own stickers. Composed of over 40 stickers, the pack was inspired by the cartoon version of a fictional character featured on the guys’ latest album cover. I’ve seen some of them already and I can’t wait to use them – they are free after all so I’ll be downloading them now (well, after posting this, actually). They all look fun and colourful, and most importantly, they have that Pinoy touch, which can come in handy when messaging fellow Pinoys.

So why Itchyworms? “We wanted a Filipino band to work with us on creating a sticker pack for barkadas. Itchyworms fit the brand and the stickers they shared were exactly what we were looking for – something fun that friends will use. They embody the spirit of fun, cool and easygoing,” Viber Philippines Country Manager Crystal Lee said.

For more info, check out Viber on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram