I haven’t tried NimbleTV yet, but after reading the press kit, I can honestly say that I really, really want to subscribe.

Here’s all that you need to know:

This cloud-based cable TV streaming service lets you watch US shows in real time, across multiple devices, wherever you are, with nearly infinite HD-DVR capacity.

You can choose from over 140 US channels like ESPN, HBO, Showtime, and ABC.

It has a built-in HD-DVR, which means you can record different shows and movies at the same time – and then watch them whenever you want, of course.

It has a limitless storage space. Depending on your plan, default values can be 20 or 40 or 90 hours but you can always add extra hours to your account.

You can access it on any device: PCs, smartphones, tablets, TVs via Roku or Apple TV via Airplay. You just need an internet connection with a minimum connection speed of 0.54 mbps.

It runs on Chrome 3 and Windows 7, and is compatible with Google, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE (9+), and Opera. It also supports iOS devices (iOS 5 and above).

Intrigued? Go start and create your own free account and avail of a free trial by going to You can immediately sign up if you’re in the US but if you’re in the Philippines, first check out Nimble on Facebook and Twitter