We at GMA Artist Center like celebrating the birthday of our talents. And while we don’t have a ridiculously big budget (we sometimes have just one celebration for a whole bunch), we still make it a point to celebrate to show the artists how much we value them.

Most of the time, we incorporate a charity component because we believe in making other people happy and paying it forward – we are talking about artistas, after all, who make money by being their talented and cute selves. And so we throw a party at an orphanage, or we gather streetkids and bring them to an amusement park, or we donate supplies to a school, or have fun with cancer patients. 

Sometimes, it’s the fans that we treat. Why not? Fans are amazing; they save up and cash out for their idols, they wake up extra early or stay up late (or even skip school LOLers) just to catch their idols’ shows or movies or gigs, they scream their tonsils out during movie premieres or mall shows, they do everything to make sure their idols win in online polls. We at Artist Center love fans! And that is why we sometimes invite them during the artists’ birthday celebrations (apart from mounting events for fans, like monthly meetings and fan club assemblies).

Just take for example the birthday celebration of the July celebrants. My brilliant events assistant, Roche, had this lovely idea of bringing the artists – Kenneth Paul Cruz (July 1), Rafa Siguion-Reyna (July 25), Zandra Summer (July 24), Phytos Ramirez (July 18), and James Wright (July 23) – to Lazer Maxx in Eton Centris, where they could play with bloggers and, of course, fans. And as expected, it was lotsa fun.

The fans were called onstage to share their birthday greetings, and it was pretty touching to hear what they had to say. Artistas are so lucky, noh??? I mean, one fan cut classes just to make it to the event while another came all the way from Pampanga.

And it was raining hard that day ha. So I really, really appreciate how they braved the cray cray weather to join us.

Moving on to the really fun part...

We first tried the bump cars, and I was so tempted to hop in on one but, of course, I didn’t. 

After that, everyone strapped on their vests and got ready for laser tag.

The guys tried to convince me to join them and I was actually on the verge of joining, but party pooper me decided to just emote in the corner and think about life LOLERS. Maybe next time. It seemed really, really fun, basing on all their screams, and how they came out drenched in sweat – and not minding it.

Thanks again to everyone who made the event possible! From Roche, my brilliant assistant, to all the bloggers and fans that attended, the sponsors, everyone!